Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Peep Questions: Round 3

It's time for a little question and answer session here on the blog!!! But first, we have the all important giveaway announcement... [I so wish I could put a drum roll sound effect in here]
The winner of yesterday's canvas, according to, is:  
Samantha: My miracle is having identical twins. It is such a rare thing. There were some complications with one of my sons at birth, but he pulled through and is completely healthy. They are such a gift from God and I thank Him daily for them.
Congratulations! Email me your mailing address to and I'll get your canvas shipped off to you!
Do you decorate any of your ambulatory aids?
Good God No. When you're pushing around a contraption like George, the situation doesn't exactly require glitter and streamers to attract attention to yourself. :) I remember my friend Kelly laughing at me a few years ago when we were going out for her birthday... they had picked me up and I was so disgusted because I had on really cute clothes, but I thought the crutches ruined my outfit. Yeah, there's just really no way to make them a fashion accessory, but I don't find it necessary to make them any more obvious than they already are.
Have you ever had an "I've fallen and I can't get up" moment?
Well, I didn't fall... but I definitely couldn't get up. Up until a few years ago, any swelling in my joints had been in places that were handleable for me... like my shoulder or my fingers. It's a pain not to be able to move your hands correctly or lift your arm very high, but I could still get around and function. But one morning I woke up and my ankle had swelled with fluid during the night, and I literally couldn't move without wanting to cry. Just the sheet rubbing against it or the pressure of pulling it along the bed so I could sit up was more than I could deal with first thing in the morning. 
It took me about 20 minutes to get in a sitting position and reach the phone, and I called my friend Meg to come over and help me [this was before the days of crutches, so I had no aids to help me get around]. She and her little boy Ben took me to my doctor's office and then to the hospital where I stayed for a few days... by the time they did the MRI on my ankle I had also developed some fluid in my opposite knee, and with all of my other mobility/joint problems they wanted to make sure I could get around safely on my own before I went back home. It's funny how that seemed so bad back then, and now it's just something I would deal with at home and call in meds for. And, of course, I now have more [undecorated] ambulatory aids laying around should the need arise.
After all that excitement, poor Ben thought every time they came to my house they were there to help me with my sore foot. I just know I'm going to be paying for these kids' therapy bills someday. 
But the one who really benefited from the whole "I can't get up" scenario was Riley. He was only a few months old and had been sleeping in his kennel at night. I felt SO horrible about not being able to get up and let him out of his kennel that morning, so I let him sleep in bed with me after that... just in case it happened again. 
I'm such a sucker.
Does your camera have a video feature?
Well, the new one doesn't, but my old one does! I've actually been trying for some time to get the blog mascot [aka Riley] on camera doing something cute, but the little stinker is so predisposed to posing for the camera that he stops doing anything fun the moment he sees it.
This first video shows you what I'm up against. The dog that normally can't sit still is doing a perfect impersonation of a statue. I do my best to talk to him and help him realize I'm not taking a photo, but in the end he's pulling a camera-shy act and rebuffing the camera altogether. 
[disclaimer: my mother has asked me to stop calling myself an idiot on the blog, so I am instead going to tell you that I sound like an absolute idiot dork when I'm talking to my dog. I promise that if we ever speak in real life, I won't talk to you like this.]
In the following video he had been tearing from the room we were in, through the rest of the condo and back... about a million times. The pillows are disheveled because he had been playing hide and seek under them and being all sorts of crazy. But as you'll see, he notices the camera and then comes closer to lay down and pose. And then all the fun and games are over!

Riley Running from gitzengirl on Vimeo.

Don't worry, I'll keep working on him... if I catch him doing something worthwhile, I promise to put it up straight away!
What is your favorite ice cream?
Yes, I know, this one has been asked and answered before... but there's a problem. My favorite ice cream was Blue Bunny Goo Goo Cluster, which was a fantastic mix of chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow ribbon, chocolate covered peanuts and caramel revel. I mean seriously, people, it was delicious. I hadn't had it in years [blame it on my diligence trying to lose the steroid weight], and after I posted my love for it on the blog I was sadly informed that IT NO LONGER EXISTS!!!!
What has this world come to? 
My sister Laura and her husband Jeff brought me some little individual samples of ice cream the last time they came to visit, since I am now going to have to find a new favorite [my waistline is going to hate me for this]. But I need YOUR help. Anyone have any suggestions of flavors for me to try? I love chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, candy bar toppings, etc. ... I don't like mint, coffee flavors or any nuts other than peanuts. If you have a favorite ice cream that I need to know about, post it in the comments. I'm thinking I'll try some new ones and let you all know [after diligent taste testing] what my new favorite is...
[Wow. I think it's now safe to say that the blog has taken over every part of my life. I can't even eat ice cream without your input!]


  1. Thanks alot!! I'm up at 5 a.m. to exercise and now all I want to do is eat ice cream!!! I actually would just skip the ice cream part and eat just the chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and candy that order. Who needs the cream? :*

  2. Robin All Things Heart and HomeApril 23, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    Oh my gosh I'm laughing...sitting here with Bindi in a circle on my lap, when I played the videos and you were talking to Riley, she sat up wiggled her tail and then lay her tiny white head on my key board, almost as if she were watching the screen!!!!
    Plllleeeaaase for the love of pete and all that's holy continue posting videos. These were so much fun!
    And all I can thing about is the chocolate almond Mayfield icecream in my's 8 am, do you think that would be a good breakfast food?!
    Heavenly Hash is one of my favs...ahhhh, I want some, slightly softened right NOW!!!
    Smmmocch! :-P

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    I think it is made by Hershey. Put it on your 'must have' list and hopefully a friend can find it for you. I live in New England. I have never found it in a regular or super grocery store, but I have seen it in some smaller convenience stores. Google may be a help, too!


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  4. Look at what I found!

    This site can find any flavor/brand in any state in the US! Have fun!

    Recent blog post: What Shows Through?

  5. Nolan would tell you its never too early for ice cream... his mother would say otherwise :-P I love ice cream!! But I would totally eat coffee or mint or most every flavor so I won't be much help.

    Please, oh please, the ONLY request I have is that you MUST talk to me in that voice when I get to talk to you. How else will I cover up my own dorkiness when I sound EXACTLY like you? ;)

    And I agree with Robin, the videos are too funny, please do some more!

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  6. Funny you should ask about ice cream because I just came home from Target (the new one...right by our house...and even in Walmart country too! Oh happy day!). Anyway...they had a monster cookie ice cream that I wanted so badly to try. It was PB ice cream with M&Ms and oatmeal cookie pieces. Oh my it looked so good, but unfortunately I must have had very stong will power this morning and I stepped away from the ice cream cooler empty handed. I'll have to try it another day and let you know how it was.

  7. you have one cute pup. that was cracking me up how he just stops moving and freeze poses! too funny. my girls now do the opposite - they are on camera overload. they see the camera and run!

    now concerning ice cream: i'm normally a chocolate girl, but i gotta tell ya, i love me some hagen daz caramel cone. the website describes it as: this creamy blend of caramel ice cream with rich caramel swirls balances the sweet crunch of chocolate-covered cone pieces for a harmony of caramel, chocolate and crunch in every bite

    so that and hagen daz dulce de leche O:-)

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  8. What you need is the schwan's man to bring you snacks.

    Check them out. You can get this stuff in 3 gallon tubs or some other obscene quantity.

    I second the moose tracks thought.

    And check this out:

    Good luck!

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  9. :-D :-D You'll love this! Minky came running out of her kennel (where she put herself - loves it in there!) when she heard you talking to Riley! She thought it was me! LOL Because I use that higher tone and sweet talk all the time, too. Grizzly nearly hurled when we were first dating and I talked to my cats that way. He asked me when that would end. I told him never and now he's talks to the dogs the exact same way. Mwhahahahahahaha.

    LOVED Riley absolutely KNOWING he's on camera and becoming riveted. He is SUCH a CUTIE!

    Oh, and I shouldn't tell you this but you probably need to know about Ben & Jerry's Karmel Sutra. Absolutely decadent and is Bo favorite.

    You have such a pretty living room! :-)

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  10. Oh girl, I like the way you think. Thank God I don't have any of those things in my house or I'd be devouring them right now!

  11. Aww... tell Bindi hi for me :) I have no idea what Heavenly Hash is, but I'll look it up. I'm thinking we should choose an ice cream flavor on Monday and then eat it all week and compare notes on Friday. :) Mmmmm....

  12. Oh dear lord, I think Moose Tracks could be in real contention...

  13. Aww... I knew Nolan was a smart kid :)

    And, our accents are normal, but the way I was talking with my dog is NOT. Can you imagine how I talk to children?!?!?

  14. Oh... monster cookies are my all-time favorite kind of cookie! I'll have to order you some from this great cookie place that mails them out... they are seriously to die for. I've never had PB ice cream, though... just PB in ice cream. Is that good?

  15. Yes, but do you give your girls treats every time they pose? I promise that will keep them still :)

    And that ice cream is going on my trial list :)

  16. Mmm... 2 votes for Moose Tracks. Good to know.

    I think the Schwann's man would be handy, but DUDE it's expensive. I think he would break my bank...

  17. Hi, Minky!!! :*

    I just looked up Karamel Sutra... I think I'm in trouble. Or at least my scale is...

  18. I am beginning to wonder if you may be exaggerating Riley's behavior. One the videos he seems like such a well behaved, perfect, little gentleman. :)

    Man, you had to start my craving for ice cream. I haven't had any in the 11 years since I was diagnosed as a diabetic, type two. I could eat about a spoon full but why bother. I use to have it every day. Maple walnut was my favorite. Of course maybe that is why I developed my diabetes. :)

    Cold Stone Creamery will let you create your own custom blend of ice cream.

    This is a link to the stores in Iowa:

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  19. Hey, Ed! We have a ColdStone here, I just can't get to it. :) They have a Copacabana Banana that is ridiculous!

    As far as Riley goes, I'll have to have my friends comment sometime on his insanity. They'll also say he's a God-send to me, which is very true as well!

  20. The Cold Stone site's FAQ indicates a local store will ship Ice Cream. They don't say what their minimum order size is.

    Try giving the store nearest you a call.

    "How can I ship Cold Stone Creamery ice cream?"

    "We don’t ship ice cream from our Headquarter office. However, please contact a Cold Creamery location near you (or near the lucky recipient) to speak to the owner or manager about shipping options."

    Recent blog post: Bible Study - Romans 8:22 - 25

  21. Mary @ Giving Up On PerfectApril 24, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    I don't like coffee flavored ice cream, either. Actually, I don't like coffee-flavored anything. It seems that most people just don't understand this. Or believe me. Or get how someone could possibly not like coffee.

    Recent blog post: Be careful: This very well could change your heart.

  22. *Oh're going down girl, er, uh, maybe UP! LOL Minky says "Hey!"
    and winks at Riley!*

  23. Oh, I'm with you woman... hate the taste of coffee! When I guy I liked asked me if I liked coffee [as an opening to ask me out for some] I almost said no! Then, of course, I lied and said yes and ordered chai tea. :) I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes! :-[

  24. you absolutely must try edy's girl scout ice cream in samoa flavor. amazingly delicious! :D

  25. I do not know if their distribution area has expanded as far as where you are, but there is a little creamery in Brenham, Texas that makes the BEST ice cream in the world. It is called "Blue Bell" and for the longest it was only available in Texas. One of their ad campaigns years ago showed a pilot climbing into a single engine plane with Blue Bell on dry ice that he was delivering to someone out of state. LOL More recent campaigns have shown Blue Bell delivery trucks completely empty except for the driver sitting in the back finishing off the last carton (which are a full 1/2 gallon still - most other brands have reduced the content of their packaging). The slogan is "We eat all we can and we sell the rest ... Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country!" According to Wikipedia:

    "Blue Bell Creameries is the manufacturer of Blue Bell brand ice cream, which was founded in 1907. The company, which produces the third-best-selling ice cream in the USA, sells its products in only seventeen mostly Southern states, although Blue Bell ice cream has also been eaten aboard the International Space Station and at Camp David. Corporate headquarters are at the "Little Creamery" in Brenham, Texas.

    The 3rd best selling ice cream in the country stat is interesting to me, considering it is only sold in 17 states! Wow!

    The main website is being redesigned right now - - but I'd check on it sometime when it's back up - it's quite interesting and a lot of fun to read, especially the parts about the company's history. :-D

  26. i love your sister for bringing you ice cream flavor samples!

    and i can't believe how conditioned riley is for the camera! actually... i CAN!