Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HDG: Miracles Abound

"There are two ways to look at life. One is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is."                                                                                                 ~Albert Einstein

I used this quote for our very first Hump Day Giveaway [before it had an official name and everything], but I thought it was the perfect one for today as well.

Yesterday, little Stellan had an ablation on his heart. It was one of those days when I could hardly think of anything else as we all waited, once again, to see how he would do. I was grateful that he made it through surgery ok, disappointed that everything couldn't be fixed, relieved that enough was done to still give hope.

I won't go into too much technical mumbo-jumbo... I wouldn't be able to do it all justice. In a nutshell, some of the electrical pathway that was causing his heart to beat dangerously fast was able to be destroyed. Because of where the pathway was located, they couldn't finish the job without causing too much damage to the heart, but they did get about 65% of the job done. And now we wait. Either it was enough to keep him out of SVT [high heart rate] or it wasn't. If it wasn't, the hope is that it was enough to make it so meds will work until he's older and can have a pacemaker put in. If that's not the case, he may need another surgery sooner rather than later.

So, again, we wait and see. And trust. And believe in miracles for the little man.

Hence, the quote for today's canvas... the doctors technically call his surgery a failure because only 65% of the ablation was done. I call it a miracle. Every last little bit of it.

They didn't think he would live in utero. He did. = Miracle.
They didn't think he'd be healthy when he was born. He was. = Miracle.
They thought he was too young to do surgery. He lives. = Miracle.

People from all over the globe are praying for this little boy. When so many are preoccupied with their own hardships, they are laying down their own worries to rally behind a child. Some have criticized Jennifer, Stellan's mom, for accepting donations and help... I think, on the contrary, that it's a beautiful testament to the human condition that people are moved to support a family they've never met, simply because they need it. One little boy, who has no idea what is going on in his own body let alone the impact he has on the world, made it through a surgery so he can live another day.


I know people are going through their own struggles, but when your life seems overwhelming today, stop for a minute and realize that you aren't even aware of your own heart beating. It's of no concern to you... because it's doing its job without being asked. That's a miracle. Everything is. We just have to remember to appreciate it.

To win today's canvas, leave a comment telling me a small miracle in your own life that you're going to appreciate today. Leave your comment before midnight CST, and I'll let you know the winner tomorrow [one comment per person, please!].


  1. Christina J. WerdebaughApril 22, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    Great post. I'll be praying for this little guy, too. I am thankful for my little miracle everytime I see him. His name is Domonick and he's 12 years old now . . . with the pre-teen attitude and a smile that lights up a room. I was told pregnancy was impossible by docs, yet I conceived. Miracle. I was such a high risk pregnancy I had a hard time finding a doctor to care for me and my miracle. Miracle that I found someone who saved me after I hemmoraged delivering him. Even more amazingly, miracle that he was ok born 6 weeks early. I'm so grateful everyday for him, and it makes my heart ache for MckMama dealing with such a scary situation with her little one. Domonick was in the hospital 11 times his first year due to various complications from being a preemie. It is a miracle, yes, that he is safe and happy and a healthy twelve year old pre-teen with attitude and a smile that lights up the room. I was so scared and alone during those times, but it was nothing like what this family is going through. I feel for this family more than words can say. Praying for this MckMiracle.
    Christina W.

  2. I've been so honored to pray for Stellan for the last week or two. I love, LOVE this post. Perspective is such a powerful tool and to intentionally see the miracles God gives us is a fabulous way to spend a day.
    My miracle...only one? I will spend this day being thankful for the miracle of my growing extended family. I have 9 nieces and nephews that arrived perfectly healthy in biological form, one nephew was brought safely from China, and another nephew is expected from Ethiopia within a year. I find that kind of family planning most miraculous! Thanks for that reminder!

    Recent blog post: Monday's Memorization

  3. I'm going to bed on your very VERY wonderful outlook on this whole story, Gitz. You are so right in your reporting of it.

    My miracle? Hmmmm. I am in a major flair up right now of my nerve degeneration. Don't know what has caused it but I'm crazed with it and doing what I can to block pain of it right now. Miracle? It hasn't progressed farther than it has. Miracle? God gives me a happy heart, and let's me cry, too, sometimes. Miracle? I can talk to my daughter by cell phone while she is in Disneyland on her senior trip, and know she is okay and not bind her to my side for my own peace and comfort. She's had three days of fun and friends. Life is good. Miracle? God continues to find things to make me laugh about. Miracle? I have friends to say to: would you pray?

    Thank you for always writing such wonderful posts, Gitz. Love you.

    Recent blog post: Happy Sanitarium - The Interview

  4. My beautiful granddaughter is definitely a miracle in my life! :)

  5. I have been praying for Baby Stellan as well.
    My miracle....just the fact that we get up each day is a miracle....

    Watching a sunrise or a a miracle.

    Having food to eat and a place to sleep is a miracle....

    Just being a miracle.

    Great post! Have a blessed day!

    Recent blog post: Life and Death....Do we really get it?

  6. Robin All Things Heart and HomeApril 22, 2009 at 6:38 AM

    Love your canvas today and it's so very appropriate.
    I've been praying for Stellan too and for the family. I can't imagine anyone faulting them for taking donations. I look at the donations as an answered prayer...perhaps taking a bit of the pressure off these precious people.
    I'm so thankful that when I prayed for my daughter Stephie and her little baby Elliot that I was praying in line with what God wanted...
    Hugs Sweeite

    Recent blog post: Living My Legacy~7 Making My House a Home

  7. I love the miracle of prayer....that God allows us to participate in what He is doing. My own miracle is being alive after cancer, surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Every day I wake up and my feet hit the floor is a miracle. Praise God! Blessings, SusanD

    Recent blog post: Wordless Wednesday - Earth Day 4/22/09

  8. What a great post. Oh how little Stellan has been on my mind as well. Great canvas too. Very fitting for this post. I look at this from several ways and that I have a lot of miracles to be thankful for.
    1.) my children
    2.) my health
    3.) my husband
    4.) a home, a JOB, and food on the table!
    I think you get the picture right???? :-D

    Recent blog post: March 31st

  9. I have a teeny tiny baby growing inside me--some how. We know that it was all God's will. We weren't trying for a new baby right now, actually we were trying to prevent it for a couple of years. God however knew we needed this baby before we did and sent him or her to us. I always said if God wanted us to have a baby He could do it, and He sure doesn't disappoint. :)

    My three year old has been praying for Stellan too. She told her Daddy all about Stellan being sick when he got home last night.

    Bless your beautiful heart for sweet posts like this one.

    Recent blog post: Praying for Stellan

  10. My miracle is being 15 weeks pregnant! <3 Thankful for and enjoying every day.

    Thank you for your post. Praying for Stellan!

    Recent blog post: 15 weeks!!!

  11. Knowing the intricacies of all those electrical pathways in the heart, I am truly amazed at not only how the heart is so perfectly made by Him, but the gifts our earthly physicians are given in order understand it (as best they can). And that's just the physical part. Then there's the "heart" heart. A dear one in my life had a total change in her heart and hence her life, only through her total submission to our Lord. The transformation has been the most miraculous thing I have ever witnessed in a person. I prayed incessantly for it to happen, and will continue to pray in gratitude for her life change for my entire life. She went from "nothing" to "everything" with no change in circumstances - only a change in heart. It was truly a miracle of which she, most of all, is in awe and wonder!

    Recent blog post: He is Risen Indeed

  12. A small miracle? Well a BIG on was that God saved me after an AVM (like an annyerism). The small ones, I experience every day as I am ABLE to walk, ABLE to remember, ABLE to breathe, and ABLE to glorify God, even after what I've been through. YOUR LIFE is a miracle, too, and every step you take, every breath you breath is a small Miracle, Sarah! See? We're really kindred spirits, aren't we?

    Recent blog post: Breakfast in 'bed'

  13. Every morning I wake up and thank God for all the miracles he's given me. I thank him for the new day and a chance to be a part of it. I thank him for my husband and my son and the rest of my family & friends. I thank him for mine & my husband's jobs and our home. But most importantly I thank him for saving me so one day I can live eternally in Heaven with Him.

    Great post BTW. :-D

  14. Oh...there are so many miracles in my life. I often reflect on how happy and lucky I am that life is so good for me, Mike and the kids (who are miracles in themselves!).
    One smaller thing, in comparison to Stellan's heart issues, but a very big miracle to us is that Ian just had his annual review for speech...and he no longer qualifies for services through the schools!!! While he still has a ways to go before he is out of the woods, his hard work (therapy 3-4 days/week for the past 2 1/2 years) has really paid off! In fact, it brings a tear to my eye as I write this to think that things are just working themselves out and that we can just breathe a sigh of least for now anyway!!!

  15. My small miracles are my 4 children. I am so thankful that they are all healthy and strong..There are so many children out there that are sick or hurting in some way...
    Praying for Stellan.

  16. Sara, your "doodles" can hardly be called that anymore! They are serious pieces of art. Every time I see your latest work, I fall in love with them all over again. I see the care and attention you are pouring into them and they are just beautiful!

    Oh, the miracles are many in my everyday life. I have some bigger ones to share in the upcoming weeks ;)

    But my daily miracles? Sunshine today, which is manna for my soul. And every day I get to spend with my little girl Dakota pup is a miracle. The health of my family, the roof over my head, the absence of water from the flood, in my home... oh gosh... so, so, much :-D

    Thank you for this continued opportunity to win one of your pieces of art!

    Recent blog post: Dear Colton's future wife...

  17. we had our yard sale this weekend to raise funds for our mission trip to Africa. We were hoping for $600 and actually raised $1700. I couldn't believe it and I am still celebrating it.

    Did you wear your orange yesterday?

  18. I am 35 weeks pregnant with our second child. Money is tight and getting tighter, and although I've never been one to worry excessively about things I really can't control...that worry has been creeping up on me. I've cried, I've been angry and I've been lost over the last few weeks. And just the other day we got a package in the mail. The wonderful man we chose to be a godfather for our new baby sent us a "baby shower" present. Chocolates for me, a gift card for my husband, and $250. WHAT?! I couldn't believe it. That money is going to buy a lot of formula and diapers...and a few special things we wouldn't otherwise be able to buy the boys. I'm so grateful, and feel so renewed.

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  19. My miracle is that eventhough we did loose our first little one, I was able to MC naturally and without any intervention. Thanks for your inspiration.

    Love from WI,

    Recent blog post: Wordless Wednesday

  20. Having a healthy 13 month old little girl that smiled so big this morning when I went in to get her. She's brought so much happiness and joy to our lives.

  21. There are a lot of things in life that I'd consider small miracles. My family, friends and Martini. I guess I'll say Martini because she ran away when I lived in KC and she was a puppy during a thunderstorm/hailstorm and tornado warning. Amazingly, with the help of neighbors and friends, I got her back in my arms a few LONG hours later. I hug her every day and am thankful for her.

  22. A couple of years ago, I reconnected with an old friend from grammar school when I heard of her daughter Kelly's battle with cancer. During one of my early emails to her, I told her I was praying for a miracle. Her response has been with me ever since .... she told me that they already HAD their miracle, and it was Kelly. Now they only asked for prayers that God's will be done.
    I give thanks each and every day for the miracle of my children, and God's steady hand in their growth, safety, and health.

    If today is my lucky day and I win, I would love it if you would send my canvas to MckMama. What an inspiration she has been to me, both as a parent and as a testament to faith in God.

  23. my miracle is being able to take my daughter to the dentist MYSELF. woohoo!!!!

    Recent blog post: Walking in Freedom

  24. A miracle to me today is the rain. I LOVED the sun the past two days but my allergies are going crazy, the rain is a blessing to calm the allergens in the air.

  25. As today is my third wedding anniversary, my miracle will have to be that despite all my flaws and mistakes, my hubby loves me SO much. :) I'm so thankful for him.

  26. I love this post!! Stellan has been my miracle lately too. What an incredible woman Jennifer is, and what an incredible family she has!

    Recent blog post: Worst. Tournament. Ever.

  27. I'm glad little Stellan is doing better. He's quite the little trooper with all this abuse his little body is going through.

    My miracle: somehow managing to finish graduate school and finding the love of my life. :)

  28. My miracle is having identical twins. It is such a rare thing. There were some complications with one of my sons at birth, but he pulled through and is completely healthy. They are such a gift from God and I thank Him daily for them.

    Recent blog post: WHAT I REALLY NEED

  29. What a beautiful thought provoking post...My miracle? I recently allowed God back into my life and He is making Himself known to me in ways I didn't think possible...At my lowest point He is there and He shows me...He welcomed me back without harsh judgement or words...Just open arms...There is no greater miracle to me right now.

  30. I too am praying for Stellan!

    My miracle is my husband. I never knew how perfectly God made him for me. I've been having a tough time recently, and he has been such an encouragement to me. I can see God stretching his compassion... as he wasn't always the most compassionate person. But he's just been wonderful. :)

    Recent blog post: Pondering Peter

  31. Thank you for helping to put things into perspective... I, too, waited patiently by the computer yesterday to see how baby Stellan would do.... It's amazing how attached you can get to a baby you've never met- and a family you've never met for that matter....

    My miracle today??? The gift of my little son and his sweet smile... What a joy he is in my life and how often I take him for granted....

  32. I went over and gave my little "miracle" Abby a kiss today. Her condition at birth had a 99% fatality rate....she is here and my little bundle of a miracle. I thank God everyday!

  33. What a lovely, true post. You are quickly becoming one of my favourite bloggers. I love to read youe very morning...I just need to get better about commenting. :( Anyway, My miracle today is Stellan - I am also waiting.

  34. Praying for Stellan in Oregon too! My miracle is that my family is all healthy. We seem to go through seasons of unhealthiness but so far we are doing really well. Praise the Lord. :)

  35. I needed to hear this. :)

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  36. My miracle is my precious baby girl who will be 8 months. We were told we may not get pregnant and we did without even trying for very long. My husband is also a miracle in many ways that would take pages to expand on. I am very thankful for both of them!
    Rebecca A

    Recent blog post: Had to share this for sleepless moms out there

  37. I have a couple miracles today!!

    One ~ Stellan is ALIVE!!! :) Praise God!

    Two ~ My brother-in-law just found out, a couple of hours ago, that he gets to keep his job and won't be let go of as they once thought!! Another PRAISE!!!!

    Love the canvas! Actually, have I ever NOT loved a canvas?!?! Nope...I haven't! :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day with Riley and George! ;)

  38. Just being able to spend each and every day with my two healthy daughters is a true miracle to me. The canvas is so beautiful, thanks for the chance!

  39. my miracle is my kidney transplant that has lasted 14 1/2 years and i've been off all anti-rejection medications for several years now!

    Recent blog post: The Handbook of Child Life: A Guide for Pediatric Psychosocial Care is Now Available!

  40. Since this is one of about four of your canvases that REALLY speaks to me, I've got to at least try. :-)
    I've been trying to think of a small miracle that I'm going to appreciate today.. is difficult to pick just one, as there are SO many -weighty and not. Hmmm... small miracle... I have been enjoying the hummingbirds that are zipping by and stopping for a drink in the feeder we have hanging. They are another small miracle that I love to watch... is amazing how they just KNOW to come back to specific sites year after year.

    Recent blog post: Weather or Not, It Doesn't Add Up

  41. Hi, first time here.
    What a sweet post :)
    I always got one huge miracle every year, but the rest are misfortune :-P

    Recent blog post: Once i get my own hands dirty…

  42. My three kids. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. Just last week, I had another miscarriage. Having gone through that twice now, seeing the three kids God has given me makes me beyond thankful.

    Recent blog post: We did the right thing

  43. I love your blog, you give me such inspiration (I've been a reader for the past month or so)!!

    Well, my 2 miracles are my boys. They were each born with congenital birth defects... my oldest with a hemangioma that he almost lost his eyesight in his right eye to (he went through many surgeries, and today he is doing awesome!) And, my youngest was born with a slight cleft lip (which was actually very minor, but still a shock--it was never detected via ultrasound!) Anyhow, both my boys are my pride and 2 miracles.
    God bless you,
    Stacy :)

    Recent blog post: Earth day 2009

  44. I love that quote and I've definitely been praying and following Stellan's story. My miracles are my two healthy little girls, and my marriage, which a year ago was not going very well at all, but thanks to lots of work and prayers, we are surviving. HUGE miracle and blessing right there.

  45. This quote and the one about commas and periods are my two favorites. I absolutely love your canvas, and I also think about Angie's with the same quote and Audrey's beautiful picture. And praise God that Stellan is doing as well as he is!!!

    Recent blog post: Gardens..

  46. I know someone that always says, "Every day that I just wake up is a miracle." I've always appreciated that small thought. Be thankful just for LIFE. :)

    Recent blog post: For the parents

  47. I have been following poor Stellan's progress on his mother's twitter posts. Each day is a miracle.

    I agree with both you, and Enstein, that life itself is miraculous.

    I am in awe of all life. Everything I can see with my eyes, and experience with my mind.

    Great post Gitz.

    Recent blog post: Earth Day, April 22, 2009

  48. My miracle is my little boy. He had a few little "scares", but he now perfectly healthy. I pray that Stellan pulls through and makes a complete recovery. The quote on the canvas is on of my favorites, but if I do happen to win it, please send it to Stellan's mom. Maybe it will brighten her day.

    Recent blog post: Happy Earth Day!

  49. Being able to get home safely amid the dangerous Houston traffic = miracle.

    Recent blog post: Ramblings

  50. My miracle is the fact that five years after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease my husband is alive and helping raise our two children. ( I remember when he got his walker, it was such a relief. I was so concerned about falling. How cute to name it George!!) Love your Blog.

  51. I'm having a really hard day today but, I just love that quote. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's true, even though I know it is. My miracle is that my relationship with God is growing every day. I may not have an earthly father but I have my heavenly father and that is a miracle.

  52. Sarah - I try really hard to remember that everyday for me is a miracle. I should have died 18 years ago, or been left as a "vegetable", but I'm alive, and have half a brain to work with (on most days;-)
    I believe in miracles. I know that miracles happen. Miracles are all around us...we just need to recognize them!

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  53. Years and years ago a friend and I were driving from NH to OH. We were in my VW Rabbit. We had the gas pumped (remember the days when you were not allowed to pump your own gas??) and we drove off into the sunshine. Many hours and 4 states later, we stopped for more gas. The attendant said the gas cap was missing. The other attendant hadn't replaced it. So there we were in a 1980 VW at a very small gas station and having no clue what to do. The mechanic walked out of the garage and told the attendant he had an extra cap for a VW because the week before, a customer had left it behind! God is a provider, and a creative one at that! For my friend and I this was a miracle because we had been told it would not be safe to drive further without it.

    Recent blog post: What Shows Through?

  54. I walked to the park today with my yellow dog. The sun is shining, there is a beautiful breeze- it is a glorious day.
    I am able to walk, see, feel, hear this day-an ordinary, everyday, magnificent miracle.
    Donna from Australia

  55. My miracle would be my daughter, Victoria. I have two wonderful children from a first marriage, Andy and Kimberly; however, with my current husband we waited till my children were adjusted only to find out that we would have many worries and troubles... needless to say after a few years of treatments and drugs... she arrived. She is now 15 years old and she's is loved by all of us... she is my miracle and I thank God for her everyday... especially, since my two older children are married and away from home... she keeps me sane and laughing.

    Recent blog post: Joy...

  56. This is going to sound so trivial compared to some of the other lovely posts here, but I found out that we dont have to pay in for our taxes this year, and were actually getting a refund. This is good news because my husband has been out of work for 16 months due to health problems and were just keeping our heads above water. Honestly, I dont know what we would do if we had yet another expense to add. I am thankful for that.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Stellan and his family.

  57. I have to mention three. Each of my children. Each special and unique in their own way. I thank God a whole lot for the blessings I have received through being able to love and care for them.

    Recent blog post: Thankful Thursday

  58. Love the canvas! And I too have been watching for updates on Stellan. He is a miracle!

    My miracle, soon to be miracles, is my precious nephew Connor! He is such a blessing in my life. On Tuesday, our family will welcome another new miracle, his little brother Cooper Andrew. We are so very excited!


    Recent blog post: Boogity, boogity, boogity.. Let's go racing boys!

  59. I don't know about a miracle..but I did get alot done around here today, and for me..that is a miracle. I usually spend too much time on the computer and nothing gets done! =-X

    Recent blog post: Vintage Thingies Thursday and A Contest

  60. Thank you for sharing about Stellan and about supporting his mom and her decisions. I truly believe there are so many miracles that are happening throughout the world because of her willingness to share her sons story and to be be so transparent and to accept the love and help of friends and strangers. Miracles we will never see or hear about, but God has planned from the beginning.

    I have been so thankful for the miracle of my family and grateful they are healthy.