Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's All About The Hair

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I really should have seen this coming. Over the years, as I‘d get to points in my life when I felt like something needed to change, one thing was always inevitable.

I’d change my hair.

It’s got to be a control thing. Or a boredom thing. But there are moments I just need things to be shook up, and since I can’t go shopping or redecorate or workout or, well, anything… I cut or color my hair into a new style. And trust me, people, I’ve had some doozies. In high school, if everyone had braids and big bangs, mine would be short with flat bangs. In college I had long hair, super short hair, long in the front and short in the back hair. Thankfully it was never short in the front and long in the back… I was saved from the party-time mullet. But oh, did I rock the flip.

Note to self: burn years worth of photos to save accidental humiliation.

So, when Susie called at 11:00 on Saturday night as she was getting things ready for Easter morning, I’m sure it didn’t shock her that I was just about to take a scissors to my hair. I just don’t think she was prepared for how much I was going to cut off. And in all honesty, 10 minutes earlier was the first time I even thought about cutting it shorter. I sort of go on impulse with this kind of thing.

When I said I was about to cut my long hair above my shoulders her first question was, “How much medication have you taken?”

You’d think that was a joke, but in my world it’s a legitimate question. I don’t think any of us want a repeat of my hair cutting while in an Ambien haze.

I reminded her that the doctor and I are trying other meds to knock me out since the Ambien never did help me sleep, but instead kept me from remembering what I did when I was awake. So now, even if I am up until all hours of the night, the next morning I am able to remember what I kept myself busy doing! Good timing, I suppose, as it will keep me from doodling on the lid of my new laptop. :)

Anyway, I told Suz that I was going to chop off my hair, but I was a little concerned because I didn’t have a certain style in mind… I was just going to start cutting and see what happened. Susie reassuringly reminded me that even if it turned out badly, it wasn’t like I was going anywhere people would see me. And with that, I chopped off four inches.

Peeps, do you remember those photos I would take of Riley’s piles of hair that were left after his haircuts? Mine was very similar, only brown and curly. But quantity-wise… holy cow. I cut, I layered, I chopped and I somehow ended up with a bit of an unintentional shag. But I think I kind of dig it. It’s definitely a change, and a change is definitely something I’ve been needing.

Now, before you all start complaining that you want to see a photo… I can’t do anything about that without the right computer software for my camera. *shrugs* Shucks. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

When Susie walked into my condo on Easter to drop off some food [she’s nice like that] one of the first things out of her mouth was, “You have got to get a computer … fast.”

She knows how I get when I’m antsy. I think she’s scared if it doesn’t come soon I’ll be rocking a mohawk.


  1. Robin ~ All Things Heart and HomeApril 16, 2009 at 2:09 AM

    You MUST get a computer so you can take a picture and post it right HERE!
    My sis cuts her own hair and it always turn out great...I don't trust myself but I can't wait to see yours. And a shag is perfect!

  2. ?!?! Are you going to bed late, or getting up this early? I'm so afraid your answer is that you're up early... =-O

  3. cannot imagine cutting my own curly hair!! can't wait to see a picture. i had never read the "ambien" post before. terrifying - i would be so scared to think of what i might do without remembering.

    Recent blog post: If You Ask Him, Be Ready for the Answer

  4. OK, that is just not fair to make a post like this for all of us to read and enjoy...and then not include a picture! You must give us all an update when everything is up and running! I am sure it looks awesome though.

  5. I so agree with everyone else, so far!! First, I would NEVER have enough confidence to cut my own curly hair!! I know, most of my pics. make it look like I have straight hair. Au contraire...I have SUPER naturally curly hair. Sometimes I like it...sometimes I don't. :) Now I'm starting to sound like an Almond Joy/Mounds commercial! :)

    Anyways, couldn't ever take the scissors to my own hair...I'd be too scared.

    And SECOND, WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!? NOOOOOOO PICTURE!! Okay, I know your situation, but this is a killer, sister. Not fair. As soon as you are able...we ALL want a picture or two. :)

    Have a terrific day!

    Love ya

    Recent blog post: Full of Words Wednesday!!

  6. Hi! Can't wait to see pictures....hope your new computer comes in soon! Have a great day.

  7. Can't wait to see the photos of the new do!

    I've just spent the last little while catching up on your blog. After your technical issues, I had some of my own which resulted in me being without my computer for a mere 5 days. Boy, it's amazing how dependant I've become on the darned thing!
    Glad we're both back in action, and can't wait until you have your new computer all loaded and ready to go : )
    Hope you had a blessed Easter!

  8. that's awesome! i'm glad you like it.

    Recent blog post: Disclaimer: Family Photos

  9. I'm just about ready to start up a donation we can get you a brand new state of the art laptop! Anybody with me?
    We can't go much longer without photo's!!!

    Recent blog post: Where Did My Brain Go?

  10. No fair, no fair! :-P
    Just when I thought we were in a good place with the loaner... you go and do something ultra picture worthy. And then you remind us, sorry no pics... you little *bleep* ! ;)

    Recent blog post: Sunshiny day

  11. Oh my picture! Such a tease!!!! I cannot wait to see a pic! I admire someone who can cut their own hair...I could NEVER even think about it!

    Sorry to be such a stranger lately! I have been keeping up with you guys but I have not had time to leave comments! Life is starting to get back to normal for me, so I will be checking in more often and even posting more as well! Hope you are doing well.

    Recent blog post: He is Risen

  12. Mary @ Giving Up On PerfectApril 16, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    I canNOT believe you'd tell us this story without giving us photos!! No fair!! :)

    Recent blog post: We got an extension.

  13. It was really freaky waking up and realizing you have no memory of sending emails and stuff... I'm glad to be off it! And really, I think because my hair is curly I can get away with cutting it easier... the curls hide a lot of mistakes! :)

  14. Honey, you've been witness to most of my hairstyles, so I'm sure you can picture one in your head! :) Maybe Mike could move back here with Kraft? I'd love the have you next door again! :-D

  15. You have curly hair?!?!?!? Really??? You have to send me a photo; I just can't picture that! [btw, loved the photos of Jorgen. His smile is infectious!]

  16. :) so far the computer is still "in production," but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  17. Oh, I feel your pain! I'm glad you're back up and running... you feel like a limb has been cut off without the technology, don't you?

  18. Oh, I have one on order... the warehouse just seems to be taking it's own sweet time in getting it shipped to me. If you'd like to storm the corporate offices for me, feel free!!!! :)

  19. Babe, it's not ULTRA picture worthy, trust me! Maybe if I had died it purple or something, but it's just a haircut :-P

  20. Oh, I can't imagine how crazy life has been since you've been back in the States! Are you feeling at home and settled? I'm so excited to see pics of the decorated house... wish I could come see it in person!

  21. I'm just trying to give you all a practice in using your imaginations :)

  22. Gitz,

    I think we need to see more than one photo! We need a current photo of the new haircut, plus 'years worth of photos to save accidental humiliation,' since when has humiliation stopped you from telling us about your fun wondrous life!?

    Bring on the hair photo montage! :D

    Recent blog post: The many faces of Millikins

  23. Each and every time I have ventured to cut my own hair, it has been a disaster! Of gigantic proportions!! I can't wait to see pictures of yours....I'm betting it looks great. I often wish my hair was's stick straight.

    When i feel that need for change, the first thing I think about is the hair. It baffles my husband, who has had the same haircut (hewouldn't be calling it a style) since he was a child.

    Recent blog post: The end of the symphony....

  24. I can't wait for the picture. With your eyes and smile any hair style will look great.

    You might want to get a webcam so Susie can watch you as your cutting your hair, and give you "helpful" advise. :)

    Recent blog post: Bible Study - Philippians 1 , verses 1 to 10:

  25. Oh, girl... you have no idea what you're asking... there are some pretty scary photos out there!!!!

  26. Oh, I have some brothers that had some pretty interesting "styles" too... like the mullet. Or better yet, the PERMED mullet.


  27. Oh, I think we'd be laughing too much to get any good advice in...

  28. how can you do that to us. tell us a story and not show a picture, you should be ashamed :) I know what you mean about getting in a funk and wanting to change, I would always change my hair. Once I went to a walk in place and was trying to tell them I wanted it razored, the guy was like you don't want that it will be uneven, I am like yea, I know. After a while, I took my the wrap off and got up and left. I didn't want him jackin' my hair up. Should've know better for a $10 hair cut, but I was desperate.

    Recent blog post: Junk in the Trunk

  29. i love how impulsive you are! i cant wait to see it! kass just found yet another photo of a style she wants me to cut for her. eeks...its not gonna be easy. can i just ship her to you?


    Recent blog post: pimp my post & happy birthday kass!

  30. Oh man, if someone will cut your hair for $10, I seriously think you'd be better off doing it yourself!!!

  31. I'd take her in a heartbeat. :) We have a nice college here in town if she'd like to study in the Midwest a few years from now 8-)