Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What You've Got...

[I still can't get to my newer photos... but figured out how to get to photos I already processed with this loaner laptop. YEA!!!]

You know that lyric, “You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...”? I've been so fortunate that sentiment hasn't seemed to apply to my life. I usually know how blessed I am to have what's right in front of me.

Like the fact that I knew how much I relied on all of you out here in the blog universe. I was aware of exactly how much it helped me to wake up in the morning when I could look forward to reading what all of you had written in the comment section. And I was right. Really right. Because I missed the heck out of all of you, and getting out of bed in the morning took a little bit longer without the motivation.

And then there were the years my brother's family lived here in town. Hoody, his wife Patience and my little Cooper lived here when I was in college, and later when I was working at the magazine. They had a house close by and we would have Sunday dinners, watch movies, go for walks and enjoy holidays together.

I knew exactly how good I had it when this little man was available to play or snuggle or go for a stroller ride. Shortly after they moved Miss Avery [aka Tootsie] came into their lives, and the blessing of this little chickadee running around on tip toes was never lost on me either. 
What does take me by surprise regularly, however, is how quickly they are growing up on me. Patience and the kids came to visit a few weeks ago when they had an afternoon off from school, and I soaked up every last moment with them. And they most certainly didn't disappoint. They are never short on stories or ideas, and kept me thoroughly entertained.
I love it when they take interest in the hobbies I love so much. While I got a couple of shots with my new camera, Tootsie took command of my old point and shoot, taking many an artistic photo.
[me on the computer as Riley posed so nicely for her]

[yes, that's still my Christmas tree... don't judge.]

Coop, after doing some drawing in his notebook, also got in on the photography action and wanted to make sure I showed my bloggers some of his great new comic book storylines...
[In case you can't read it, it's titled "The Poor City of Good Ol' People"]

[His name is Temptation the Cyborg]

[I have to tell you, it cracked me up that they requested air time on the blog.]

We played another mean game of Clue, since they wanted a rematch from Christmas... [the following Clue photos are taken by Coop]

[I won again this time... I think I read too many murder mysteries]

...and we couldn't have an evening together without baking the crazy volcano cake.

[Sadly... these photos weren't processed and you're just going to have to use your imagination. I'll post them when the new computer comes, just so you can salivate over the chocolate yumminess...]

I love that I have little traditions with the kids, and while it was great to have Sunday dinners and stroller rides in years past, I savor the stolen moments and excitement of getting to have them visit now. I know exactly what I've got. And I love every minute of it.


  1. Those cute kids are lucky to have you as an aunt. Someone to help them make memories so in 20 years they can think back to all the fun times y'all had together.

  2. I love how they hi-jacked your blog, with your permission of course :) I see they follow in your footsteps with their talents.

    Cooper, those are some really cool comics!

    And Miss Avery, that point and shoot worked well in your hands, nice job with the great photos!

    Gitz, as much as you may have missed us, we missed you twice as much, I promise!!

    Recent blog post: Easter Sunday

  3. sounds like a wonderful visit!

    that is hilarious they wanted "air time". i always feel special when i make a friend's blog. :)

    Recent blog post: A Stinky Story

  4. Mary @ Giving Up On PerfectApril 14, 2009 at 12:04 PM

    You know, I think that's one of those cool ways that God works. Unless we have had the experience of loss, we really can't learn to appreciate things in the moment. Or to appreciate the small things. On days when I'm jealous of people who don't seem to have lost as much as I have in my life, it does my heart - and my attitude - good to remember that my LOSS has also GIVEN me so much.

    Recent blog post: It was a good tired.

  5. You have a rich life. Awesome! I love being a small part of it in blog-land. And, really, you should include you in more pictures. You are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

    Recent blog post: 10 Blessed Years!

  6. I love that song. :)

    Miss you, girl.

  7. Cool! I'll check for the payment and get your canvas sent out :) It's so fun to think one will have a little spot in your home :)

  8. Aw, that sounds like so much fun... they grow up so fast I still think of them as little in my head, like your videos. It's always good to look back, isn't it? Looking forward to Thursday night!

  9. Now I have visions of little Christmas elves running around a Dell warehouse. If only! Maybe it's taking so long because I'm on the naughty list or something... :-P

  10. They are darn cute, aren't they? I know I'll certainly look back on it fondly...

  11. I know! I was trying hard not to laugh when they suggested their photos could go on the blog. I love that they get how much I like this little venture...

  12. I'm pretty sure they feel a little famous when they get a mention...

  13. I so couldn't agree more, Mary. As much as I would like life to be easier, I wouldn't want to give back the blessings I've received, either. It's all give and take.

  14. I do have a rich life, and I feel lucky for it. Thanks for the photo compliment... but I enjoy sticking to the cute kids. :)

  15. Hi, Aunt Sara! Thanks for featuring us on your blog :-P We love to visit you more than you can know!
    We love you!
    Cooper 8-) and Avery O:-)

  16. Any word on when your computer is going to be fixed? I hope that you get it back soon! Love your stories Sarah...they always leave me smiling!

    Recent blog post: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  17. Thanks again for sharing more pictures of your beautiful family.

    Joni Mitchell is one of my favorites. I love her paintings as well as her singing. Especially her cover of the "Both Sides Now" album.

    Tootsie expresses her artistic talent with the lens, Coop with his drawing. Although Templeton the Cyborg does look scary. I hope it isn't based on anyone he knows. It does look a little like my ex-boss. :)

    I love the painting of the women wearing the sombrero.

    I think Riley must be helping you win at Clue.

    I need to find me someone who can make a volcano cake. I can do the volcano part, the cake part not so much. :)

    Recent blog post: Temptation

  18. Hi, Buddies!!! I think everyone is impressed with your photos :) Love you bunches [and I think your emoticons are perfect!].


    Recent blog post: What You've Got...

  19. Thanks, Libby :) And no... no word yet. I'm TRYING to be patient, but as of right now they haven't even shipped it. Which means I'm still screaming internally. =-O

    Recent blog post: What You've Got...

  20. I thought the cyborg was pretty scary, too!!! But I guess that's why the name "Temptation" fit so well. :) I think they're all so darn creative and amazing and brilliant, but I also realize I might be just a smidge biased. :)

    Recent blog post: What You've Got...

  21. I loved your post today! Time with my family is so special, and I love have special things that I share with my nephew. Thanks for sharing today!

    Recent blog post: Storms of Life

  22. Hi! I love your post today! It is so nice that you have such an awesome relationship with your niece and nephew...what cuties! Mine live a few states away and I miss them terribly! They are now 19 and 17....it happens so fast! My little guy is 12 and tonight I was looking at him and remember his little toddler clothes and now he's all big! sigh

    Just an fyi....I LOVE Clue! I would play it every day if someone would play it with me!

    Also, I have found myself the past few years getting into murder mysteries....such a lovely topic, no? I go between that and mindless chick lit. I am a sophisticated reader! I love almost everything James Patterson and have recently tried Mary Higgins Clark and enjoyed her books too. Do you have any authors you would recommend? Do you read those authors I mentioned?

    Have a great night and thanks for responding to me in your post yesterday. I couldn't believe that you would remember me!

    Thanks for sharing your family with us....tell the kids they did a great job on your blog!

    Take good care! :)

    Recent blog post: The Guy In 19B...

  23. Being an aunt is the best thing, isn't it?!?

    Recent blog post: What You've Got...

  24. That's so funny about Clue! I hadn't played since I was little; they had to teach me how again, but it was so much fun.

    As for the novels, you HAVE to read Patricia Cornwell's series that has Kay Scarpetta as the main character. Read them in the order they were released because the mysteries continue... you will so love Scarpetta's character.

    The first book wasn't her best, but after that she finds a great rhythm and you'll fly through a book faster than you can imagine. Someday I want to own them all so I can start over from the beginning and read them again. Let me know what you think if you start them!

    Recent blog post: What You've Got...

  25. You have GOT to be the best Auntie ever! It looks like creativity is in the blood, too...so cool! Blessings to you and yours, Gitz! :*