Sunday, April 5, 2009

I’m Trying Not to Panic, BUT…

… my laptop has bit the dust. Like smoking, almost starting a fire kind of bit the dust.

[cue moment of silence for internal screaming…]

Good ol’ Susie has lent me her system for the afternoon so I can get a post up for all of you and take care of some other online business, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to go radio-silent for a few days until I can get a new system in place.

[I’m still screaming internally, in case you’re wondering…]

I’m not freaking out about the laptop; it’s just a thing and I’ll figure that out. But I will be away from YOU … my blog peeps …

No email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no blog surfing ….

It’s like I’m Laura freaking Ingalls during a blizzard in the Big Woods. [We are actually having a blizzard right now, ironically.] Only I'm stuck without Mr. Edwards to entertain me on the harmonica while Pa plays the fiddle. *sigh*

So, you just have to promise you won’t forget about me, and I’ll be back the moment a new laptop hits my hot little hands. In the meantime, you can go back to the beginning and read all those older blog posts you may have missed!

As for me, I have a book I need to read that I’ll be reviewing and giving away on the blog ~ and I have canvases to get shipped out ~ and I have other canvases to make ~ and apparently I’ll now have hours on end to think of new posts for the blog!  :)

Until next time, [soon, God, please let it be soon] I’ll leave you with this sad, pitiful face:


[Riley is screaming internally, too…]

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